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Your donation is the lifeblood of this cause. Every dollar donated goes to commercial kitchen rental, buying food & supplies. For the cost of a large coffee, you can help provide a meal to a family in need. For $5, you can sponsor a family meal of

4. If you are a business or farm looking to donate products, we gratefully accept in-kind donations. Send us an email. To make a financial donation, become a one-time or a regular donor by clicking on the link below. This is great for automatically receiving a thank you-note and tax receipt!  You can also mail us a check (see below for address), use Venmo or PayPal. Thank you!

Volunteer With Us

Our team is led by two part-time staff and supported by many volunteers.  Opportunities include helping in the kitchen, delivering meals, sorting and dispatch, and delivery communications (remote).  You can check out the schedule on our sign-up page in the button below.  Our self-onboarding materials are online, click here.  No commitment required. Come when you can.  We'd love to have you join us!

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Limited of T-Shirts and Merchandise now available for purchase. Local pick up only 

More Ways to Help

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Don't have extra cash to donate?  There are more ways than one to help us sustain our mission.  Support your local and cherished charity while doing everyday things like shopping for food and lifestyle items. Or by organizing a fundraiser for us!


MCK PDX Inc is now registered with companies that have a community rewards program. When you shop for groceries, Fred Meyer will donate a small percentage of your eligible purchases to us. Simple! Big fan of recycling?  MCK is a listed charity on Oregon's BottleDrop program. You can donate your credits to us or request a Blue Bag and label and fill it with your recyclables to help us raise funds. We also have an Amazon Wishlist.

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